A KidsFirst Enhanced Learning Program for Babies

Learning Program For Babies

At KidsFirst, we believe it’s never too early to start a child on the path to learning. So we developed a special program just for children 6 weeks to 18 months old, called BabiesFirst, with two part: babies to 12 months and Tiny Tots 12-18 months. We believe that babies should be allowed to be themselves – with nurturing, hugs, love, security and safety. We understand that every baby is unique and we embrace and encourage the development of each child at his or her own individual rate.

KidsFirst teachers are carefully chosen for their devotion to babies. We seek those who are calm, nurturing, and compassionate. They enjoy the cuddling, cooing and talking or singing to their tiny charges. They don’t so much observe and monitor the babies as engage them positively and proactively. Our baby-room teachers work as a team, so that children become accustomed to their faces as they grow.

Daily Reports. Teachers provide daily reports to parents to help them stay in touch with their babies’ rhythms -- sleeping, eating, diaper changes, emotions and mental growth.

Baby's Intellectual Development

Intellectual Development. BabiesFirst stimulates your child’s intellectual development, too. Babies are fast learners and we want to encourage their innate curiosity to help them explore their world. Gentle intellectual stimulation through colors, sounds, music, and toys exposing them to a variety of touching, feeling, hearing and seeing brings a baby gradually into the world of learning excitement at KidsFirst. Geometric shapes and toys with variety of textures and softness help them prepare for letters and numbers. Songs and rhymes acquaint them with music and humming. Tiny Tots hear stories, learn songs and rhymes and learn to understand colors with balls and other toys that reinforce basic learning.

Physical Skills. Tiny tots explore the outdoors with age-appropriate swings, scooters, sand boxes and push toys under a sun-screen shelter. Inside they use the indoor gym for running, jumping, shouting and climbing on equipment scaled to their size. They love to build towers of soft, oversized brightlycolored blocks while they learn large muscle coordination and motor skills.


Did You Know. . .

  • KidsFirst has an "open door policy." This means parents can visit or call anytime, without notice.
  • KidsFirst play areas have cushioned floors and walls to avoid fall injuries and encourage first steps.
  • All KidsFirst babies – to 18 months – have their own cribs with their names; cribs are never shared.

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