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Our BabiesFirst program offers a safe, nurturing, high-quality environment promoting infants’ healthy growth and development. Teachers provide responsive care to each infant, embracing and encouraging their unique development, allowing them to grow at their own rate. KidsFirst concentrates on each child’s routines and provides a variety of experiences to build trust. Teachers work closely with parents to stimulate children’s learning and the best individualized care. KidsFirst nurtures curiosity with an environment full of meaningful interactions using toys, mirrors, bounce chairs, physical holding, and soothing, comforting words. Here are the results that parents can expect at KidsFirst:
Infant Care & Curriculum

Social and Emotional Development Milestones. Babies will:

  • Express a variety of emotions, learn to communicate emotions
  • Recognize themselves in mirrors and photos
  • Use hands to explore
  • Initiate play with familiar adults and children
  • React to hearing their names

Cognition and General Knowledge. Babies will:

  • Cover their eyes to play "peek-a-boo"
  • Open their mouths in anticipation of next bite of food
  • Roll a toy car back and forth on the floor
  • Hold a toy in each hand and drop one when a third toy is offered
  • Want to play with a big ball instead of a small one
  • Explores the ways shapes and objects fit together

Approaches Towards Learning. Babies will:

  • Engage in a variety of sensory-motor activities
  • Show interest in people and objects
  • Roll, wiggle, or crawl to get to a toy
  • Touch different parts of a toy to see what noises it makes

Language and Literacy. Babies will:

  • Watch a teacher's face as she speaks
  • Babble back and forth with teachers
  • Point to the toy to play with
  • Reach for the pages of a book
  • Move hands while listening to a favorite song

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development. Babies will:

  • Demonstrate strength and control of head, arms, legs and trunk
  • Move with increasing coordination
  • Reach for a toy with a free hand while holding another toy
  • Grab a shaker toy to make noise
  • Pull themselves up, take first steps