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Can Computers Harm Children?

Which is Better For Your Child?

parent child conversation ~OR~ baby with laptop

  • More than 2 hours/day of screen time lowers thinking & language scores: National Institutes of Health
  • TV, computers, smartphones, & tablets: NIH says "CUT BACK"
  • Kids need to learn to speak in paragraphs, carry a conversation, ask good questions, but they can't when they’re staring at a screen.
KidsFirst doesn’t teach with screens, but with talking and chatting with children so they learn to excel in speaking face-to-face with others.
KidsFirst builds character, independence & creativity.

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For the full story on screen time dangers, see:

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Your Child Deserves the Best


Did You Know. . .

  • KidsFirst has an "open door policy." This means parents can visit or call anytime, without notice.
  • KidsFirst play areas have cushioned floors and walls to avoid fall injuries and encourage first steps.
  • All KidsFirst babies – to 18 months – have their own cribs with their names; cribs are never shared.

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