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5 Parent Tips for Easier Mornings

KidsFirst Learning Center share a few tips for easier mornings.

With young children, mornings can be hectic. Getting them ready for school while getting yourself ready for work can take several hours. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your morning routine.

5 Parent Tips for Easier Mornings

1. Set a Bedtime Schedule One of the keys to a good morning is getting plenty of rest at night, so set a regular bedtime schedule and stick to it. Toddlers need around 10 hours of sleep, including one nap during the day, while infants require up to 17 hours. Parents need sleep as well, so try to get a full 8 hours and start the day fresh.

2. Stay Organized Purchase a bin (or designate an area) for each of your kids to keep their backpack, books, assignments, and other school-related items in/at. As soon as your kiddo arrives home, they can put their school gear in the bin so it won't get lost. That way, you can then check for school documents and homework at your leisure.

3. Plan Ahead Pack lunches the night before to save time in the morning. You can also lay out your children's clothing before bed, so that everyone will know what to wear in the morning. If you want to be especially organized, try picking out clothes for the entire week and making lunches for the week. 

4. Keep Breakfast Simple Save the fancy stuff like waffles, mini sausage, and egg muffins for the weekends. Keep morning meals quick with milk, yogurt, fruit, cereals, and other bites that don't need to be cooked. If your kids are old enough to prepare their own food, store it in accessible spots in the fridge or pantry. This is also something you can prepare ahead of time the day/night before.

5. Timing is everything Its good to know when everyone needs to leave the house in order to get to school/ daycare /work/, etc. on time. If everyone in the family knows what time they need to be out of the house, it makes scheduling those 5-15 minute tasks in the morning much easier.

Tweaking your morning routine with a few easy tips will start the day off smoothly. Contact the friendly staff at KidsFirst Learning Center to discover why we are trusted by parents throughout the NorthEast Ohio area. Whether they are an infant, or ready for 1st grade, our team here can offer you great care for your family. Great suggestions on scheduling, childcare, and development solutions for your family. Call 440-596-0955 to learn more, or schedule a tour!


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