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KidsFirst Teachers build their curriculum focused on hands-on exploration and discovery to foster lifelong critical thinking skills and confidence. Through strong teacher/child interactions, planned age-appropriate schedules and hands-on activities, children acquire a love of learning. KidsFirst Preschool and Pre-K teachers are focused on giving the children the building blocks they need to start kindergarten. Here are the results that parents can expect at KidsFirst:
Toddler Care & Curriculum

Social and Emotional Development. Children will:

  • Recognize and understand the emotions of other children
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Share stories from personal experiences
  • Offer to share toys

Approaches Towards Learning. Children will:

  • Ask questions and seek out answers
  • Follow classroom routines
  • Dress independently
  • Continue to work on a puzzle, even though it is difficult

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development. Children will:

  • Pump their legs to make a swing go higher
  • Throw and catch a ball
  • Run around objects on the playground
  • Jump up without falling

Cognition and General Knowledge. Children will:

  • Tell their teacher about their weekend and family plans
  • Create an elaborate pretend house with other children; have dinner together and play games
  • Count to 20 or higher
  • Recognize one-to-one correspondence and count the number of blocks in a tower
  • Count the number of boys and girls in the room
  • Help sort blocks by size and color
  • Start to draw shapes and recognize shapes in the room

Language and Literacy. Children will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of increasingly complex concepts and longer sentences
  • Use language to communicate in a variety of ways with others to share observations, ideas and experiences; problem-solve
  • Ask and answer questions about stories
  • Reason, predict and seek new information
  • Identify characters and major events in a story
  • Actively engage in group reading with purpose and understanding
  • Recognize letters and their sounds
  • Write letters and copy words from an example