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KidsFirst Education

The Joy Of Learning Translates To Joy In The School Experience.

Child’s Early Education

  • At KidsFirst, children advance based on individual ability.
  • Children are challenged, but not confused, by an age appropriate curriculum. . . and so, learning becomes joyful.
  • We encourage every child to succeed and feel proud of their daily accomplishments.
  • We believe that all children are unique and learn at their own pace, that learning works best when it's fun, and that a child's self-directed discovery leads to knowledge.
  • We believe parents are key to a child’s early education and are part of our teaching team, and that a family setting in school instills family values of mutual responsibility, sharing and caring.


  • Cooperative Learning: Classes are divided into small groups where children perform projects, learning from each other, under a teacher's supervision.
  • Child-Directed Learning: Fosters individual creativity and curiosity by encouraging self-directed, independent learning.
  • Parental Involvement: Parents are intimately involved with their children's education through daily interaction and collaboration with teachers.
  • Regular Assessments: Individualized, detailed, written assessment of every child is provided to parents daily after children first start and after they transition to new classes and teachers. Teachers are available daily for verbal progress updates. Finally KidsFirst provides parents a comprehensive written evaluation once a year on their child’s progress and readiness for new challenges.
  • Age-Appropriate Learning: Children are challenged, but not confused, by a curriculum that is age appropriate. Our goal is to encourage every child to succeed and to feel proud of their daily accomplishments.

The KidsFirst Curriculum

The KidsFirst Curriculum
KidsFirst emphasizes learning for all age levels from 6 weeks to 10 years. Our educators design age-appropriate discovery and socialization lessons, such as sensory-awareness activities for infants, and basic phonic skills for preschool children.

The center curriculum is taught using a cooperative learning approach. Classes are divided into small groups in which children can learn from each other under the teacher’s supervision. This method fosters individuality, creativity and curiosity by encouraging self-directed, independent learning.

Students are encouraged to learn and explore at their own pace. Teachers keep track of their achievements and ensure that each student is moving forward as he or she is ready.

Annual assessments ensure that children who “graduate" on to kindergarten from the KidsFirst program are well-prepared, confident, and proficient for their age in areas of study such as reading, science, music, art, math, and language arts.

Reading: All classroom settings have clearly labeled items to encourage sight word recognition and the development of early literacy components. Organized group story time and interactive storytelling experiences aid in the strengthening and development of memory recall skills.

Writing: Writing activities are individually tailored to each child’s personal skill set. Teachers guide the children in efforts to recognize uppercase and lowercase letters and provide daily opportunities to master the skill of writing age appropriate words and sentences.

Math: Children are engaged in daily mathematical activities including graphing, basic addition/subtraction, counting and identify monetary increments, geometric shape recognition and sorting.

Science: Children participate in weekly science experiences that include age appropriate experiments, gardening, class culinary activities and environmental exploration.

Music: KidsFirst Learning Centers believe that music plays an active role in learning at all age levels. Teachers utilize music and dance within the classroom throughout the day to encourage individuality and creativity.

Social Studies: Children learn social studies in the classroom, and through visits from community representatives such as policemen, firemen, doctors and dentists.

Physical Education: KidsFirst Learning Centers uses spacious indoor and outdoor (large muscle) areas for physical play, such as relay races, animal themed calisthenics and yoga.

Art: Children explore their creativity in open-ended art activities by painting with many media materials -- like grape jelly, painting with fruits and vegetables, making letters with play dough, or by making jewelry with cheerios, promoting free expression. Children may display their art and discuss it with their classmates.

Second Language: Children learn elementary Spanish, with vocabulary such as counting and basic words like: me, you, hand, finger, face, foot, run and play. Importantly, they learn the concept of alternative languages to English.

Self-help Skills: Children learn independence and responsibility by performing classroom jobs, mastering holding pencils, using scissors, dressing themselves and listening and following basic 2-3 step instructions, with small tasks such as setting a table or collecting papers. Children also learn to zipper, button, dress themselves and wash hands.

Learning Through Play: Children may explore defined “learning center” zones both individually and in small groups, promoting self-discovery with dramatic play, puzzles/blocks, creative art and science.

Weekly Themes: KidsFirst plans every week’s teaching theme, such as Diversity and Friendship, Music Appreciation, Radical Robotics, Community Helpers, Good Nutrition and Healthy Choices, All About Me and My Feelings, and Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. These themes are then incorporated into various KidsFirst activities; for example, during Safety Week, children learn how to behave on sidewalks, how to dial 911, with a visit by a policeman or a fireman. Other examples of themes: Community Helpers, Harvest Time, Everyone is Beautiful, Outer Space & Caterpillers.

Meal Time: Fresh, hot meals (never fried) are served from our licensed kitchens. Our meals are USDA-approved, and child-tested, including breakfast, two nutritious snacks, lunches of an entrée, vegetables, fruit and milk.

"Each and every one of you has touched the lives of our children in a special way. Children behave as they are treated, and it's clear that ours are treated very well." - O.B.

"As a mother and educator, I can really appreciate the quality of care, nurturing and guidance that Emily has received from KidsFirst during the past four years. I'm so impressed with her language skills in English and Spanish! And to think she is so competent on the computer is just terrific, you're all so great! I don't know what I'd do without you." - C.R. (Teacher, developmentally delayed children)

"My husband and I are very pleased with the way your center is operated, your beautiful and clean facility and most of all how you care for our children and how happy they are when they are there. We've noticed many good changes in James and Sarah and it's quite evident that they are learning new things - even Sarah! We speak highly of you and recommend your day care and pre-school to all our friends - not that you need it!" – J.P (Registered Nurse)

“KidsFirst was there when we needed a safe, caring center for our infant son, Andrew, and our two year old daughter, Christina. We had a bad experience at another day care. Now, almost five years later, Christina is thriving in first grade and Andrew is still so happy playing and learning at KidsFirst. Thank you for the consistent care, nurturing and assurance you provide for all of us!” - L.G. (Health Care Executive)
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