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Toddlers are inquisitive – growing and learning fast. This is the time when children learn to use words and speak. KidsFirst teachers plan activities to help them explore and master their new skills. We believe that by promoting purposeful play in a safe, organized environment our toddlers develop and strengthen their new independence. Here are the results that parents can expect at KidsFirst:
Toddler Care & Curriculum

Social and Emotional Development. Toddlers will:

  • Express a variety of emotions and react to others
  • Follow one-step directions
  • Recognize their own abilities and are excited to share their new skills with others
  • Starts to share toys with other children

Approaches Towards Learning. Toddlers will:

  • Experiment with objects in the environment
  • Play with toys in new ways to learn what is possible
  • Build with blocks
  • Learn to "stomp like a dinosaur and roar like a lion"

Cognition and General Knowledge. Toddlers will:

  • Remember information and routines
  • Play "pretend" with other children
  • Begin to master simple puzzles
  • Learn numbers and starts to count
  • Start to compare sizes, shapes and colors of toys and other objects

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development. Toddlers will:

  • Run, jump and kick a ball
  • Touch toes, knees, chest and head when prompted
  • String large beads together
  • Use a spoon to scoop up food
  • Climb up and down a climber

Language and Literacy. Toddlers will:

  • Start to combine words into simple sentences
  • Use new words
  • Ask teachers to read a story
  • Move fingers along the words in a book